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Introducing ODOGard® to the Hygiene Market

The hygiene industry has long been searching for the answer to odor control for odor absorbing products. ODOGard® is a transformational and effective way to eliminate urine and fecal malodor quickly. By eliminating odor molecules (rather than masking them), ODOGard® provides fast, long-lasting performance for your adult incontinence or absorbent pad products – making them an all-around better hygiene solution.

Odor Control – A Basic Hygiene Factor

The pressure to neutralize, disguise or eliminate unpleasant odors is especially true for hygiene products. A certain level of odor protection is fundamental to the function of the product, and given that more and more active adults are starting to use absorbent products, improved odor control can be considered a critical feature in keeping product use discreet.

Trust the Hygiene Experts

At. H.B. Fuller, we’ve partnered with Rem Brands, Inc. to give our customers the benefit of technical expertise in both hygiene and odor control. Our processes, coupled with their innovative, high performance patented chemistries and proprietary formulas, enable us to deliver superior results in odor control to our customers.

Game-changing Odor Elimination Technology

By bringing innovative odor elimination technology to the hygiene market, we are helping improve our customers’ absorbent product performance and transforming people’s lives for the better. This state-of-the-art odor elimination technology can improve the environment for caretakers, give confidence back to the consumer and reduce odors during and post use in the home. 

Stand Out from the Crowd, for the Right Reasons

ODOGard® is a unique solution that eliminates the malodorous molecules found in urine and feces. Give your business a valuable competitive advantage in a tough and fast-changing market by utilizing the odor control technology in H.B. Fuller’s ODOGard®, enabling you to successfully stand apart from your competitors.

A Seamless Implementation of a new Product Feature

Did you know that ODOGard® can be incorporated into your production line with relatively minor changes and minimal financial investment? Our skilled application engineers provide demonstrations and implementation support that includes equipment solutions, optimal application recommendations, and final product validation testing. Watch our video.

ODOGard® is a registered trademark of Rem Brands, Inc.

  • Quicker, longer lasting malodor control as compared to specialty SAP and fluff pulp 
  • Changes the physical structure of the molecule so that it no longer stinks 
  • In addition to malodors found in urine, ODOGard reduces odors associated with flatulence and fecal matter
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